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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Family sessions are my favorite! I photographed this adorable family a few years ago at Lakeside Park in Fort Wayne. When picking a location I always chat with the family and hear their preferences. In this case, Mom was pretty flexible and we both thought Lakeside would be fun! I have done a handful of sessions with this family, so its always good to change locations each year.

Mom did such a great jobs on outfits. They match without being too matchy. The goal is to coordinate, not all wear the same color. I'll help you pick outfits when you book your session!

My goal at a session is to always get a few, "everyone looking at the camera and smiling photos." Then I'll do lots of candid shots as well and let kids be kids.

I always make sure to get pictures of Mom and Dad! I don't shoot weddings now, but I was lucky enough to shoot their wedding a few years back.

I think this was the last shot of the session, perfection!

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